Press Profiles for High Executives

At Fókusz we understand the importance of promoting the good image of the spokespersons and representatives of the companies, understanding that they in turn are responsible for transmitting the messages of the organizations, their values, interests and objectives.

We create the best material for your spokesperson to best represent your organization and your values.


The image of the spokesperson is the image of the brand. Therefore, we deepen in your communication style, your values and objectives.


We know the different media and the needs of each format, taking care of every detail.

“If you know how to wait, people will forget your camera and then their soul will come to light”
Steve McCurry

We know that obtaining the best images from business leaders is a great responsibility. For this we make a careful handling of every aspect, angles, intentions, costumes and locations. In this way we guarantee the good image of both the character and the organization he represents.
Having photographic record of each leader is an excellent way to be prepared, either before a media interview request, a press conference, or to accompany a free press article, or for a corporate publication; reducing in this way the risks of not being prepared, not having the availability of the spokesperson or leaving the taking of images at the discretion of the environment, which does not always benefit the image of the spokesperson or the entity it represents.
For this, in Fókusz we generate material of excellent quality, under the parameters and characteristics of the different means of communication, as well as with different intensions, so that each organization has sufficient material and excellent quality of its spokespersons, always maintaining the control of the image that is published.