Customized images production

Exclusive images, produced for your brand, is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition and position yourself in the consumers’ minds.

Having your own images for each communication, publication and even for advertising, allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, especially those that traditionally turn to image banks used by everyone.


According to the sector of your company, we carry out all the necessary preproduction and production process, so that the images adequately represent your business and each one of the characteristics of your specialty.


The production of exclusive images, allows you to have material of very good quality and at a very reasonable cost, thanks to our production team seeks to optimize resources, always putting on the shirt of your organization.

Are developed taking into account our protocols and procedures, as well as guaranteeing the care of each one of the details to generate the best graphic material.


At Fókusz we know how important it is for companies and businesses to strengthen their own identity and communications through graphic images, for this we have developed a line of business totally dedicated to producing exclusive photographs for our clients, so that they have material representative graphic, to achieve a closer communication with your audience of interest.

The integral production of images allows our clients to differentiate themselves from the competition, due to the fact that in their publications, in their advertising and in their communications in general they have exclusive graphic material and not with the typical photos of banks of traditional images that they tend to repeat themselves from business to business, reducing recall and differentiation.

The exclusive material we develop for each company is developed taking into account their identity and the characteristics of each business. Likewise, during all the stages of the production, including the previous ones and the final delivery, they are developed according to our protocols and procedures, as well as guaranteeing the care of each one of the details to generate the best graphic material.

The images delivered in addition to complying with the highest quality standards, are delivered with assignment of rights in perpetuity, that is, they are a long-term investment, with the guarantee of being able to use the images at any time, without risk of expiration, no limitation of the publication medium, contrary to what can happen with traditional image banks.

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