Corporate Video

At Fókusz we value the transmission of ideas through a good video. Because we know that it is an essential tool to sell a product or service; to issue a message and specially to strengthen the brand and its attributes. Therefore, we consider it essential to take care of all the details in each of the stages of video production.

Our professionals have certifications such as the Rig Pass, to comply with the security standards that are required to enter the platforms, wells and plants. As well as certifications for overflights and high risk jobs; and PADI certificate, with the aim of taking underwater pictures and / or offshore stations.


According to the sector of your company, we take care that our work reflects all the security standards and that each detail represents your brand, your business, as well as your knowledge and experience.


We have the ability to adapt to the needs of our customers. Whether for the development of outdoor videos, air, industrial, mass events, different types of location or indoors. What your brand and style of communication requires.

For us there is no small project, our clients can always have the peace of mind that we work for them with commitment and professionalism.”

Video is the best way to present your organization, communicate with different audiences, highlight your messages, plans, products, services and brand attributes, as well as keep your most important moments.

Therefore, we offer all our experience to tell the best stories, generate excellent audiovisual material, allowing it to be disseminated both in digital environments (emails, web pages, social networks, among others) and traditional (events, conventions, fairs, fixed screens, among others). Likewise, we guarantee commitment and quality in all stages of video development and production, always taking into account the needs, communication intentions and budget of our clients.

From the moment we begin to prepare for its execution, as well as during its development, and until we deliver to our client the final images, we put at your disposal, the best human resource, our best tools of work, as well as the best technological equipment, always complying with our processes, times and with the highest quality standards.

For us there is no small project, our clients can always have the peace of mind that we work for them with commitment and professionalism, because this is a powerful tool to communicate with all audiences, especially for the ease of understanding and iconicity, they make video an excellent ally of marketing and communication.

Fotografías y videos de trabajos en alturas o cualquier ambiente, con Fókusz.